No, the manufacturing process, from fiber to fashion, makes it impossible to order just one unit. Each product has a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starting from 200 units. For any specific requirements, the MOQ is 1000 units.


We provide a soft copy and an assembled prototype of the available quality for your understanding. The prototype is based on available material. However, the final product is produced right from the fiber, and a 5% to 7% variation tolerance is negligible in terms of size, color, and GSM.


Understanding the process is crucial. Here is a breakdown:

Ready Fabric Stock: Usually takes 21 to 30 working days from the final date of order confirmation and acceptance.
Specific Requirements: From fiber to the finished product, it takes 60 to 90 working days.
Standard Process for Ready Stock
Day 1-2: Internal process for pattern, design, logo, packing, and production assignment.
Day 3-12: Raw material arrival.
Day 13: Quality Control (Q&C) of fabric.
Day 14-15: Cutting.
Day 16: In-line material converting to garmenting.
Day 17: Finishing and processing.
Day 18: Trimming.
Day 19: Washing (if applicable).
Day 20: Q&C.
Day 21-22: Packing.
Day 23-30: Delivery.
Note: The above is a standard process and may differ for any specific requirements.

Specific Requirements
60 Days: Material procurement.
Thereafter: Follow the same process as above.

Yes, certainly. If you are authorized and provide the logo in CRD and PDF format, we can add it.


Logo options include print, embroidery, and other options based on quantity and timelines.


Fast colour

Sustainable fabric reducing carbon footprints

Phthalate-free materials

Azo-free colours

Unique and sustainable designs

Sweat-absorbent materials

Lint-free materials



Fire retardant materials

Anti-microbial materials

  • We deal with a wide range of products including:
  1. Uniforms 
  2. Caps
  3. T- Shirts
  4. Formal Shirts, Trousers & Jackets
  5. Bags
  6. Denim


  • We are a B2B organization supplying apparel and luggage goods like bags to:
  1. Corporates      
  2. Government organizations
  3. Industries      
  4. NGOs
  5. Institutes
  6. CSR projects
  7. Schools
  • For custom orders, we require detailed specifications and designs. Once the designs are approved, we start the production process, which includes pattern making, logo placement, and quality checks throughout.
  • Yes, we can provide a prototype sample based on the available material. This helps ensure that the final product meets your expectations.
  • We have a stringent Quality Control (Q&C) process at every stage, from raw material inspection to the final product. This ensures that the products meet the required specifications and standards.
  • Payment terms vary based on the order size and requirements. Typically, we require a percentage of the payment upfront, with the balance due upon completion and approval of the final product.
  • Yes, we offer after-sales support to address any issues or concerns you may have with the products.
  • For urgent orders, we have an expedited process that prioritizes production and delivery. However, this is subject to additional costs and feasibility based on current production capacity.
  • You can reach us through our authorized dealer, Royal and Royd, by calling our CRM or emailing us.

Royal and Royd: 8376901330

working hours are Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

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** Good-Fast-Cheap Principle **

** Good & Fast: Won’t be cheap **

** Fast & Cheap: Won’t be good **